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Membership in the synagogue means that a person would like to be entitled to participate in the governance of our organization and they officially identify with the goals and objectives of Toras Emes.  Additionally, you would be entitled to vote in synagogue elections and raise, speak and vote on issues at general synagogue business meetings.

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In addition to participation in the governance of the synagogue, there are monetary advantages and benefits which are associated with synagogue membership and they are as follows:

  • No charge to members for the use of the sanctuary/social hall for their children’s or grandchildren’s Brises, Baby Namings, Upshirins, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Aufrufs and Weddings celebrations.

  • 20% discount off the price of regular Sanctuary Yartzeit Memorial Plaques.

  • 20% discount for members’ children off the Religious School tuition.

  • 10% discount for members’ children off the Day Care Center fee.

  • 10% discount for members’ children off the Summer Day Camp fee.

  • 15% discount for members and their children and grandchildren off the admission prices for Holiday Parties and Holiday Dinners

As much as we would like people to become dues paying members, we would never want people to feel unwelcome or uncomfortable in our synagogue should they elect for any reason not to become dues paying members. Membership and paying dues have NEVER been requirements for participation in the religious functions of Congregation Toras Emes. All of our prayer services, whether they be Shabbat, holiday or weekly, as well as our regular weekly adult education programs, have always been free and open to the public.

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